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11 November 2013 @ 20:14
"...Because the corridor debouched into a chamber, rough and striated from the action of an ancient river, which still puddled on the floor. The room was lined with the eaters, hunched, half rusted, in various states of decay--some missing limbs, some with limbs stripped to protoform, some missing optics...all staring dully at the two where they stood.

Springer swore.

"Ditto," Roadbuster whispered. "Lemme guess: we're going down there."

Springer moved one hand, a small gesture that was followed by a hundred pairs of optics in eerie, flawless synchrony. "Far end."

Oh, frag. Kup. The green mech sat, on the ground like some ascetic or guru, his armor bubbled with rust, head tilted, watching them, curious. And there was something in his optics, a light that the others lacked, that spoke of intelligence and maybe, maybe Kup.

“I don’t like this,” Roadbuster whispered..."

Well, as I'm over a month late in submitting this and it's not changed since that time...better late than never? It's super sketchy but I like it that way. Again, unfinished, but that's because I'm a terrible magnet of bad luck and must of been a mass murderer in a previous life.

Go read the fiction by Hellkitty! It's awesome and is one of the only fics I've read from Roadbuster's view.
31 August 2013 @ 15:55
Art for the fiction Immolation by dellessa

Immolation art

NotesCollapse )
Anyway, I feel I got across what I intended and can only hope others can make sense of it. Also Delle, I hope you like it. I know it's not as polished as either of us would of liked but it's still a finished idea.
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06 October 2012 @ 01:24
Art for the fiction 'What we have' by camfield


This is my abstract take on a scene from around the middle of the story, in which takes place a race. From this point on is the fic's tipping point and Hound's sliding slope.

Right now, this is still largely unfinished but finished enough to show for the posting date. I spent so long on Glizzer without realising it...
I'll upload a better photo when I have the chance in natural light, and later, perhaps a more finished version.

I must say this was a lot of fun and stressful but it was great to be able to switch ideas back and forth with Camfield. I hope this is to your liking!

Now go read the story!
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25 July 2008 @ 20:53
To Whom it may concern, AKA all listed below,

Fish, stop dying please. I miss you Dave, Steve, Ian, Dom, 5-fish-without-names-in-pond.

Art block, Get lost please.

Diet, ok, I'm sticking to my end of the deal, would be nice if you did the same?!

Fandom, I love you. Tonight, my place, be there.

RP, same to you, just ease off on the humans thanks.

Job, where are you?

Time, come back.

Immature kids in the cinema now that the holidays are here, go home please.

Go-Karting, second isn't that bad is it? Besides; awesome.

This and next year's movies, keep getting better please.

12012 , I declare a war on your TF-in...in *can't even say it*  , point is, THIS IS SPARTA WAR!!

love and no love,

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12 February 2008 @ 17:15

Friends only....
because that's the way it is.
Sanity, not needed.
Comment, not needed.
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